"If you’ve never invested in a real estate due to being overwhelmed and had no idea where to start; you can...


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Real Estate is for you too.

If you have always wanted to invest in real estate but have no idea where to start; the whole process feels overwhelming; and, you don’t have a clue how you can even save enough for your down payment, you can stop worrying about it. I got you! I have come to eradicate every negative story you have told yourself and show you how to…

Invest Your Way Out!

Turn your income into Real Estate

It is of no concern to me where you started or even where you are now. I am a living example that you can start in last place and still win.

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  • Have you endured a bankruptcy?

  • Did you grow up without sound financial principles?

  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck as you read these words?

"No matter where you are I have come to meet you and change the rest of your life from this moment forward."

Meet Your Instructor

Terrica Lynn Smith

At the young age of 5, I was sold by my mother to her drug dealer to pay a debt.

My innocence was used as currency.

This began a childhood riddled with abuse, neglect, poverty, and unstable foster homes that eventually led to me being a teen mom sleeping under a bridge in New Orleans. But under that same bridge where I had my lowest point, I also had my breakthrough. I made a promise to my son that I would do everything in my power to create a life that I had never seen before. Under that bridge I took my life back.

With the protection of God and a calling on my life, I stand before you 17 years later a published author, an Eric Thomas certified speaker, owner of the largest real estate crowdfunding company in the state of Louisiana, a seasoned investor with over 300 real estate holdings, and the founding investor in Madeline Cove, a 14 million dollar mixed use development in Lafayette, LA.

But the most valuable investment I have is my marriage. Though I had no healthy marriage to use as an example, I have been blissfully happy with my husband of 15 years where we have 4 beautiful children.

“I was created to break generational curses. Allow me to do what I was put on this earth to do.”


  • Your Relationship With Money

  • Turn Your Income Into Real Estate

  • The Wealth Cycle

  • Start Investing Where You Are

  • Hands On Workshop


  • Creating An Investor Mindset / Business Plan

  • Active Investor

  • Passive Investing

  • BONUS - Contracts

  • BONUS - Red Flags

  • My Toolshed of Resources

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Invest U

Creating wealth isn't something you do when you're older, you can start now!

No matter your current financial status, INVEST U will show you the pathway to creating generational wealth.

Here's What You Get When You Enroll

Section I - Your Relationship with Money

We will start from scratch and reprogram every negative thought that is preventing you from reaching your financial goals.

Section II - Turn Your Income Into Real Estate

No matter how much you are currently making I guarantee you I will show you where to find the money you need to invest.

Section III - The Wealth Cycle

This is the cycle that will take your first and create a wealth cycle that can feed into your family for generations to come.

Section IV - Start Investing Where You Are

We will show you exactly where to invest and you don’t have to be overwhelmed with what other people are doing.

Section V - Hands on Workshop

We will walk you through how to create your personal financial statement, how to create your strategic plan and what is required to receive your certificate of completion.

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