SALT Capital helps you learn and leverage Real Estate Investing.

Tap into educational resources, property analysis tools, and a community designed to help you conquer the learning curve and get your next real estate deal.

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Ana L.

“I was fearful of being overwhelmed and Terrica made it oh so simple!”

Helen R.

“Living in New York I thought it was too expensive for me to invest until Terrica taught me how to invest in other markets and products.

VaLarie H.

"I was working for my pension, but now I'm an investor...and I retired early."


An educated investor is a successful investor. A successful education requires an appropriate combination of first-hand experience, self-initiated learning, and a strong network of individuals who have demonstrated success in the area in which you are seeking to invest. SALT Capital seeks to act as a guard rail to this process, minimizing the risk exposure to prospective real estate investors by providing access to a robust network of experience and education.





Learn and Launch Your Life Through Real Estate

Real Estate Investing 101

Real Estate Investing 101: Crowdfunding

Real Estate Investing 101: Investing in Student Accommodation

Real Estate Bonds

How do you create generational wealth and build a real estate empire?

The simplicity of the answer may surprise you. SALT Capital has created a tool that teaches the equity industry's secret for how to amass wealth through real estate investing. Not only will you learn, but you'll have fun doing it. Pre-order today!

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Karen Dugas

"I would not have an investor's mindset if not for SALT. I appreciate the transparency of the entire core team. It's evident that they want us to win."

Attiya Smith

"I closed on my 3rd property as a wholesaler and is actively searching for more as I prepare for college to become an attorney."

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